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Photo: Simon Klein-Knudsen & Thomas Dahl. Illustration/graphics: Bjørn Nørbo Andersen.


Svend Brinkman Explains Life, Death, and the Search for Truth
(Svend Brinkman fortæller om livet, døden og jagten på sandheden)
Published 2021, 62 pages



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Tine Nielsen,

Children & Young Adults

Svend Brinkman Explains Life, Death, and the Search for Truth

Why are children actually the best philosophers? What does this really say about being human? And why is it so important to ask questions and challenge every authority, whether they be parents, teachers, or prime ministers? Svend Brinkman answers all these questions and many more as he enthusiastically walks us through the history of philosophy.

Brinkman describes everything from ancient Greece—like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle—to great thinkers like Søren Kierkegaard, Friedrich Nietzche and Jean-Paul Sartre—and simultaneously grapples with ethics, happiness, feminism, Emperor Nero, democracy, and much more.

This book is part of Carlsen’s series ARE YOU REALLY CLEVER? (ER DU RIGTIG KLOG?)—books filled with fantastic facts and random knowledge as told by Denmark’s best public scholars.

About the authors

Narrated by Svend Brinkman, one of Denmark’s most important public scholars. Written by Thomas Brunstrøm, the man behind the wildly successful series Sally’s Dad (Sallys far).

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes