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Photo: Robin Skjoldborg


Magnus and the Grandma's Mobile
(Magnus og mormors mobil)
Published 2021, 30 pages


Gads Forlag

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Rikke Detlevsen,  

Children & Young Adults

Magnus and the Grandma's Mobile

Dad loves his mobile phone. So does mom. Their mobiles can navigate, watch movies, and read the news. They use them all the time. And, when I ask them about things, they don’t listen.

Grandma’s mobile isn’t as good. But she says that she has me to navigate and entertain her. She says it’s more fun to chat than to stare at a screen.

One day grandma gets a new mobile that is even more cutting-edge than mom’s and dad’s. Grandma is suddenly engrossed by her new mobile.

About the author 

Siri Melchior, a trained animator, illustrator and author, lives in England. In addition to writing books, Siri has created cartoons that have appeared on DR Ramasjang and can be found on the Danish Film Institute’s Filmcentralen. She has illustrated her own stories, such as the Rita and the Crocodile series (Rita og krokodillen), as well as a number of Kim Fups Aakeson’s books (e.g., Lili).

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes