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Larger than Life
(Det fede liv)
Published 2021, 150 pages



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Children & Young Adults

Larger than Life

“I am fat. I am my-parents-and-doctor-are-sending-me-to-fat-camp fat.”

For fourteen-year-old Sarah the health clinic for overweight children and adolescents is tantamount to social death. But what if the camp can really do what it promises? Then maybe Lucas will finally look at her. Actually, she’d lose ALL of her problems if she could just lose weight...And does anyone really need to know about the camp?

Camp, kiss and chaos’ is the first volume in Larger than Life—a series about the feeling that the world just doesn’t have room for you, but also about hope, self-love, and learning to listen to your own voice.

About the author 

Saynab Farah Dahir, b. 1994, is a medical student and dreams of becoming a heart surgeon. In addition to pursuing this dream, Saynab is an author and the winner of several short-story competitions, including the Danish Championship in Short Story Writing and Gyldendal’s YA Short Story Competition which laid the groundwork for her debut novel #BUCKETLIST.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes