Children & Young Adults


The Moment You Doubt
(Det øjeblik du tvivler)
Published 2020, 368 pages


Forlaget Carlsen

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Babel Bridge, Tine Nielsen,

Children & Young Adults

The Moment You Doubt

Vigga is a talented skater; a young woman in a predominantly male sport who is used to standing up for herself. She spends all her spare time training intensively to prove that she is just as good as her male peers. That is until she meets William: he is handsome, he is cool and he is sharp. He sees beyond Vigga’s armour and wants to do all he can to look after her. Also when she starts receiving threatening messages. And Vigga needs all the support she can get jn what is to become the most challenging time of her life: who is the person behind the anonymous messages, who can she trust? | A powerful story - based on real stories of young women who urged the author to write their tale - about how quickly you can lose grip of your life - even if you are strong-minded and used to standing up for yourself.

*”This is #MeToo on wheels. And Sarah Engell oversees it with her falcon eye and embraces it with measured warmth. No violins. But power”.*


About the author 

Sarah Engell is one of the strongest Danish voices when it comes to current realistic YA literature. She made her debut in 2009 with the novel, “If only…” Since then she has written several novels, including her break-through, “21 Ways to Die” (2014), which has become a modern classic and bestselling title for Carlsen. She has received several prizes over the years, including “The Blixen Prize”, “the Claus Deleuran Prize” and “the Carlsen prize”. She lives in Copenhagen with her family.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen