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Carlsen’s illustrated short stories: Mowgli, Hate Don’t Hate, As Good As New
(Carlsens billednoveller: Mowgli, Hader, hader ikke, Så god som ny)
Published 2018, 46 pages


Forlaget Carlsen

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USA, Brazil, Norway, Germany, Sweden


Children & Young Adults

Carlsen’s illustrated short stories: Mowgli, Hate Don’t Hate, As Good As New

Illustrated Short Stories – Carlsen’s illustrated short stories is a new and exciting series of books for YA readers. The ‘anti-didactic’ format of the series emphasizes the combination of short texts and extensive use of illustrations; all brought to the reader by some of Denmark’s most talented authors and illustrators. The stories have one thing in common: they all deal with life changing moments.

Mowgli – A girl lives in the dark behind a locked door. She has never seen the sky, the sun or the stars. But she is not alone. Her mother is there as well, and Mum is fast, strong, brave – and also excellent at playing hide and seek around and under their bunk. Through the bars of the metal grating, the girl can hear someone singing … 

Hate-Don’t-Hate – Brothers Kim and Kenneth are both good at boxing. Dad is good at cheering when they are in the ring. But that doesn’t stop Kim hating everything. Maybe because his mother has died. Or maybe because his dad hates the fact he likes to write. But there must be something Kim can love …?

As Good As New – Maryam means ‘virtuous’ in Arabic. And Maryam knows the importance of being virtuous. You have to watch your step – especially around boys. But what do you do when you meet someone like Pelle, whose striking blue eyes are like a planet with the greatest G-Force in the whole universe?


About the author 

Sarah Engell (b. 1979), award winning author since 2009. Best known for the bestselling YA novel 21 måder at dø (21 Ways to Die).

Glenn Ringtved (b. 1968), award winning author since 1995. Has published more than 40 books.

Kristina Aamand (b. 1972), author, had her debut in 2007 and is especially known for writing about young people with Islamic backgrounds. 

Illustrators: Cato Thau-Jensen (Mowgli), Otto Dickmeiss (Hate-Don’t hate), Solveig Agerbak (As good as new)

Text translated by Paul Larkin