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Photo: Simone Lilmoes. Cover: Alette Bertelsen.


Au pair
(Au pair)
Published 2021, 262 pages



Foreign rights:

Gyldendal Group Agency,

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The authors has respectively sold to Egypt, Germany, Faroe Islands, France, China, Iceland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain

Children & Young Adults

Au pair

The posh suburbs of Copenhagen are a far cry from rural Jutland, and Irene’s job working as an au pair for a rich family turns her life upside down. Soon, she meets new people who are nothing like her friends and family back home. She experiences things she’d never dreamed of and gets a view of the sort of life that may in fact be what she has always dreamt of. But such dreams come with a price, and soon Irene will be forced to make a difficult decision – one that may radically change her future.

An entertaining, riveting, and deeply felt journey of a young woman from two of Denmark’s greatest storytellers.

About the authors 

Kim Fupz Aakeson has written over 100 children’s and YA books. He has received several prizes and several of his titles are published internationally.

Sanne Munk Jensen is an award-winning YA writer. She has received both the Orla Prize and Gyldendal’s Children’s and Young Adult Prize for her acclaimed YA novel, En dag skinner solen også på en hunds røv (One Day the Sun will Shine on a Dog’s Ass).

Au pair is the first book co-written by Sanne and Kim.

“What happens when two of the most celebrated children’s book authors in Denmark join forces –  combining their talents, craft, and years of experience? Well, you get a truly phenomenal YA novel.