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David and Goliath
(David og Goliat)
Published 2021, 32 pages



Foreign rights:

Gyldendal Group Agency, Mette Kirstine Fentz,

Sold to:

Sweden, Nepal

Previous titles sold to:

Sweden, Nepal, Germany, Russia, Faroe Islands

Sample translation:

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Children & Young Adults

David and Goliath

David the shepherd is playing his flute when a pack of hyenas attack his sheep. And even though David is not very big he succeeds in scaring them away with his sling. Not long after he needs his sling again when he finds himself standing face to face with a bear - and with the infamous giant, Goliath…

"David and Goliath" is Sally Altschuler’s very free retelling of the Bible story of David and Goliath with fantastic illustrations by Sven Nordqvist, known for illustrating the "Peddersen og Findus" books.

"David and Goliath", written for children ages 4 to 7 and their parents, reminds us that people can easily be strong even if they’re small and quite harmless even if they’re huge. Unlike the biblical version of the story no one dies in this new retelling.

About the author and illustrator 

Sally Altschuler (b. 1953, Valby) made his debut as a children’s book author with "Jordens Salt" [Salt of the earth] in 1993. Since then he has published more than 35 titles for children and young adults, including "Hr. Babels Tårn" [Mr. Babel’s Tower]. Over the years Sally Altschuler has received many prizes and grants.

Sven Nordqvist has written and illustrated books for children since 1981. Best known are the books about "Pettson and Findus", which are translated to about 45 languages. He has also illustrated some twenty books by other authors, among these four by Sally Altschuler. He has received several awards, among these the Swedish August award in 2007.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes