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The Very Very VERY Scary Monster
(Det meget meget meget farlige monster)
Published 2020, 40 pages


Høst & Søn

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Children & Young Adults

The Very Very VERY Scary Monster

The very, very, VERY scary monster is – if you ask it, at least – very, very, VERY scary. Unfortunately, the boy is not really scared of it, even when it shows its big mouth, sharp claws and beady eyes. When the boy finally ends up in the monster’s belly, he finds out why the monster is scary, and decides to help it. But is this a good idea? The Very Very VERY Scary Monster is a quirky and hilarious book about brave children who aren’t scared of anything – except maybe the monster under the bed. Charlotte Pardi is the illustrator behind the very, very, very cute and spine-tingling monster drawings.


About the author and illustrator

Rebecca Bach-Lauritsen (b. 1976) graduated from the Danish Writers’ School for Children’s Literature in 2010. The Very Very VERY Scary Monster is bach-Lauritsen’s first picture book for small children.

Charlotte Pardi (b. 1971) graduated from the Design School in Kolding. Pardi’s drawings have a series of accolades and has i.a. been nominated for the Danish Cultural Ministry’s Illustrator’s prize and Hans Christian Andersen Award.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen