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The Magical Spinel
(Den Magiske Spinel)
Published 2020, 144 pages



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Children & Young Adults

The Magical Spinel

The art student Sigurd is a night watchman at the Copenhagen museum called The David Collection. On one of his nightly rounds Sigurd discovers how to travel through time, which triggers a search for answers – to existential and more concrete questions alike. 
The Magical Spinel is a comic strip about art, love and Islamic mysticism. The book also includes a catalogue of facts about the historical objects and persons that Sigurd meets on his rounds in the museum, as well as his travels through time into the past of India, Turkey, Iran … 


About the author and illustrator 

Peter Wandel is the curator of The David Collection. He holds a Master’s degree in Oriental archaeology and a Bachelor in art history and Arabic.

Rasmus Meisler is an illustrator and a comic strip artist for the major weekly Weekendavisen. The excellence of his work was acknowledged with a Danish Arts Foundation working grant in 2017.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen