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Photo: Thomas Sjørup


The Apple of My Eye
(Min øjesten)
Published 2019


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Sidenius INK,

Children & Young Adults

The Apple of My Eye

My sister has a glass eye.
she keeps switching it
coz the colour
doesn’t match the other

Dad says it’s not my fault
that Sis has a glass eye
but also says it aint his fault
Mum moved to my sister’s place
at the halls and yes I think it is. 

A beautiful and subtle story about life through words and graphics written by Merete Pryds Helle, illustrated by Helle Vibeke Jensen. This book is part of the book series Billedroman. Moving stories told in text and graphics for tween readers.


About the author 

Merete Pryds Helle (1965) trained at Danish Writer’s  Academy and has a BA in Comparative Literature. She writes prose for both adults and children, reviews, essays, radio plays and sonnets, amongst many other things. Merete Pryds Helle is a stellar presence on the Danish literary scene.

In 2016 her family novel Folkets skønhed was widely acclaimed among readers and reviewers alike. She won the ‘De Gyldne Laurbær’ for this novel and has been nominated for the DR Novel Prize, Politiken’s Literature Prize and the Readers Literature Prize.

Text translated by Paul Larkin