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Come Along
Publised 2020, 52 pages


Forlaget Carlsen

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Babel Bridge, Tine Nielsen,

Children & Young Adults

Come Along

Come Along is a flow-rhymed story about a childhood friendship that suddenly isn't so simple anymore:

    Du var dig, You were you,
    vi var os, we were us,                    
    vi var sammen, we were together,                      
    det var nok, which was fine,                        
    til den dag, jeg så dig stå sammen med dem fra klassen i en flok … 
    till the day I saw you standing with the others in a line ...         

Two friends have stuck together since primary school, but when they start their A-levels, they begin to drift apart. What do you do, when you can no longer identify with your best friend? COME ALONG is a story about struggling to fit in; about losing touch with old friends – and finding new ones.


About the author and illustrator 

Marianne Iben Hansen (born 1961) made her debut as an author in 2004. She is known for her inventive language and particular talent for playing with words.

Lilian Brøgger (born 1950) was the first student to graduate as an illustrator from the Danish Design School in 1972, she has become one of the country's most productive illustrative artists, gaining popularity in particular for her children's books.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen