Children & Young Adults

Photo: Ida Wang and Lærke Posselt


My Tail
(Min hale)
Published 2020, 44 pages


Jensen & Dalgaard

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Sidenius INK,

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Chile, Brazil, Norway & Sweden

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Children & Young Adults

My Tail

A powerful modern tale: A young girl has a tail – a real tail. Her mother dislikes it and warns her about not letting anybody see it. At a summer camp the girl forgets herself, engulfed in the atmosphere of happy dancing with her friends, and the tail becomes visible.  The mum catches her, drags her home and cuts off the tail.

The book gives us hope; either our “tail” will grow back or we will – and can – overcome the loss. There is a subtle cleverness and humor to this book about girl power, emotional independence and self-esteem. The colorful illustrations overflow with such warmth and joy that it will easily open up to dialogue with children and definitely encourage them to believe in themselves – and to realize that everybody has a tail!

About the author and illustrator 

Lilja Scherfig has worked as journalist and text writer. Graduated from the School for Authors of Children’s Literature in 2003; author of two novels and ten picture books:

Signe Kjær graduated 2011 as Master of Visual Communication and has studied in Kolding, Denmark, and Bratislava, Slovakia. Illustrator of a selection of non-fiction and fiction books for children.