Children & Young Adults


Deep Water
(Dybt Vand)
Published 2020, 44 pages


Jensen & Dalgaard

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Sidenius Ink,

Children & Young Adults

Deep Water

Deep Water is a picture book about a boy, a bear and a step-father. All in the same boat. It is a story about big waves and deep feelings. About finding a solution when you have to say farewell. 
The major Danish daily Politiken awarded Deep Water five out of six stars with the words „like a hand from God!“


About the author and illustrator 

Author Lilja Scherfig and illustrator Otto Dickmeiss have created three critically acclaimed books together. The first, Rævefælden [The fox trap] (2012) the Danish press hailed as ”an awe-inspiring pearl” was followed by Farfar [Grandfather] (2015), which has been described as ”a masterpiece … a little wonder of a picture book.”

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen