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Photo: Ditte Dorthea Ringo


Paper Wedding
Published 2019, 180 pages



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Children & Young Adults

Paper Wedding

“People need people, a school nurse once said in a youth television series that Pil and I watched together. But I do not need people, I only need Pil.”

Mia and Pil are students and they live together in Pil’s flat. They sleep in the same bed, without sleeping with each other, and they have a communal eating disorder. After they have lived together for a year, they decide to celebrate and have a paper wedding. But as the evening progresses, it turns out that there is not so much to celebrate after all. A witty and serious book about friendship.


About the author 

Born on the Danish island of Falster in 1990, Laura Ringo made her debut with the young adult novel Cremasterrefleksen (Cremasteric reflex) in 2017. Ringo writes about the difficulty of taking your first tentative steps into adulthood, touching on everything from frozen pizza to lectures you cannot be bothered to attend. She also writes about the intimate relationships of the young – both the tentative good ones and the tumultuous wild ones, which engulf you and turn your life upside down. Ringo is fascinated by relationships rather than action, and the key to understanding her writing, she says, is listening to her dialogue.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen