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Photo: Robin Skjoldborg and Hans Christian Jacobsen


Amalie and Her Insanely Many Stepparents
(Dengang Amalie fik sindssygt mange papforældre)
Published 2021, 40 pages


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Children & Young Adults

Amalie and Her Insanely Many Stepparents

Amalie is just a normal girl. She has a normal family with a mum and a dad. But one day she wakes up and finds a stepmum in the bathroom. In the afternoon yet another stepmum is at the door. Amalie has just barely gotten used to the two extra mums when more stepparents enter her life.

"Amalie and Her Insanely Many Stepparents" is a funny and warm story about the modern life for many children. Amalie’s dad finds that Amalie is a lucky girl – just look at all the fun they have now compared to her earlier dull life with only two parents. But Amalie has a lot on her plate. Family dinner is one big argument when all the parents can’t decide on what they should have for dinner and bedtime story takes four hours. At parent–teacher’s day at school where all Amalie’s parents are participating Amalie puts her foot down.

About the author and illustrator 

Kim Fupz Aakeson (b.1958) is one of the most established and popular children’s book authors in Denmark. Over the years he has received many awards for his humoristic books. Fupz Aakeson also writes for drama, radio and film.

Signe Kjær (b. 1985) trained as an illustrator at Design School Kolding and at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. At the age of seven she decided that she wanted to illustrate books and made her debut "Cirkus Svimmel" in 2014. Since then she has illustrated more than 15 books published in several countries.