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A Year in the life of Jonathan
(Det år sjæle slår smut)
Published 2021, 272 pages



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Children & Young Adults

A Year in the life of Jonathan

Jonathan is spending a year away at boarding school, but it’s not quite the beginning he had hoped for. As a gifted soccer player, he is already on the radar of talent scouts and about to attend a boarding school for sports. However, a few weeks prior to the start of term, Jonathan breaks his leg and instead decides to spend a year at a liberal arts school, Ruvinge. Here, he meets a new group of people who are very different from the football friends he is used to spending time with - among them, his eccentric roommate, Vitus Ole, and the unapproachable and intriguing girl, Asta. Suddenly everything is about to change. 

A Year in the life of Jonathan is a moving and absorbing YA novel about learning to let go and finding oneself—and about finding love where you least expect it.

About the author 

Jesper Wung-Sung, b. 1973, debuted with the short-story collection Kick’n Rush (To ryk og en aflevering) in 1998 and has since come out with a long series of prize-winning books for children, young adults, and adults. Wung-Sung was awarded the Golden Laurels in 2017 for his genealogical novel Another branch (En anden gren).

Jesper Wung-Sung’s books have been translated into a number of languages and adapted for both film and the stage.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes