Children and Young Adults

Photo: Jeppe Bøje Nielsen


When Mumbo Jumbo Grew Giant
(Da Mumbo Jumbo blev kæmpestor)
Published 2018, 144 pages



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Jenny Thor,

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Norway, Faroe Islands

Children and Young Adults

When Mumbo Jumbo Grew Giant

When Mumbo Jumbo Turned Into A Giant is the story of when Mimbo Jimbo and his friends hold a party. Mimbo Jimbo’s best friend, Mumbo Jumbo, is given the job of going into the forest and picking chanterelles for the sauce. But what do chanterelles look like again? Mumbo Jumbo finds some mushrooms in the forest and tries them. They look like chanterelles. But ugh! They taste awful! Mumbo Jumbo gets all confused and goes back to his friends – but now they’re all tiny. Or maybe Mumbo Jumbo’s just grown really big. So big his mum can’t even give him a hug. Mumbo Jumbo is so sad that he cries huge tears – and he doesn’t usually cry much. His friends decide to go to Siberia, to find the only witch in the world who can make Mumbo Jumbo small again.


About the author 

Jakob Martin Strid, b. 1972 is a self-taught artist, author and illustrator. Jakob Martin Strid’s comic book debut Vi hader alting launched his career with a bang. Then, with his cartoon-strip series featuring his Strid character, he broke through into the grownup comics market. Following on from this, he has produced a veritable flood of stories for children and their parents or guardians, including Den utrolige historie om den kæmpestore pære, Da lille Madsens hus blæste væk and, of course, his famous books about the little blue elephant Mimbo Jimbo.

Text translated by Paul Larkin