Children & Young Adults

Photo: Morten Holtum, book cover: Jakob Martin Strid


In Shape With The tapir
(I Form Med Tapiren)
Published 2020, 68 pages



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Gyldendal, Jenny Thor,


Children & Young Adults

In Shape With The tapir

The tapir, Mimbo Jimbo and all his friends are invited to Little Tiger’s birthday. Here the Tapir consumes 5 cups of cocoa with whipped cream, 6 pieces of layer cake, 7 bread rolls with marmalade and half a cake sprinkled with 84 M&Ms. When they are done eating, the friends decide to play hide and seek. But where can the tapir hide? Will they ever find him again? And how are they going to get him back into shape?


About the author and illustrator 

Jakob Martin Strid began his career as a cartoonist with a daily comic strip in Politiken. His talent for satire quickly won him a reputation as a controversial cartoonist; influential cultural personalities, commentators and politicians alike were subjected to crooked cucumber- and Star Wars analogies.
The anti-authoritarian, humorous and poetic blend of Strid’s art continued in his children’s books, albeit in a form that is not as harsh. In Mustafas Kiosk and Min mormors gebis [My grandmother’s false teeth] he displays an astonishing warmth and talent for children’s rhyme and verse, which has won him many fans, as well as the status as a writer of children’s classics. Strid's books are sold worldwide. In 2012 he won The Crown Prince Couple's Culture Prize.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen