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Clara’s Book
(Claras Bog)
Published 2020, 72 pages


Jensen & Dalgaard

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Sidenius Ink,

Children & Young Adults

Clara’s Book

A dazzlingly beautiful story”—Børnenes bøger
Extraordinarily beautiful”—Litteratursiden

Clara is nearly invisible. On the school bus, in class, at recess. Only the bus driver, Patricia, sees her, but the more she tries to help, the worse it gets. It’s not until the day Clara does not come to school that the other children notice her.

The breathtaking story of a quiet girl who is ignored by her classmates. A book for children, young and old, who have had to find ways to breathe fresh air into their lives. Of empathy and imagination

N.B.: This book must be opened! According to the illustrator’s wishes the cover is muted, almost boring, the book only comes to life once opened—this creates a parallel between the experience of the book and how we often misjudge people, failing to see their rich, inner lives.

About the author

Inge Duelund Nielsen is a beloved and critically-acclaimed author of a long line of children’s books; among others, Æbleskud (Apple-thieving), Drengen der ville være ond (The boy Who Wanted to be Evil), and Mof og Muren (Mof and the Wall).

Gitte Gader was trained as a textile artist but her heart beats for picture books. She debuted with the picture book Hulder til Balder (Hulder to Balder), with text by Inge Duelund Nielsen.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes