Children & Young Adults

Photo: Thomas Dohn, Anne-Li Engström and Olga Andrynowska


Little Nø and Smallest Mo
(Lille Nø og Mindste Mo)
Published 2020, 56 pages



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Gyldendal, Lise Broen Rosenberg Dahm,

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Chile, Germany, Korea, China & Sweden

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Children & Young Adults

Little Nø and Smallest Mo

"Little Nø and Smallest Mo" explores recognizable conflicts between big and small in groups of children. Inspired by fables, the child-protagonists take the shapes of elephants in a vigorous universe.

The traditional picture book is turned upside down in this story, where you flip the pages backwards, instead of turning them side to side. The creators of "Little Nø and Smallest Mo" all have the ambition and dream of expanding and developing the form of the picture book. In this book you will find gatefolds with hidden, unexpected stories. They serve to underscore the story’s many layers and contribute to the special expression of the form and the child’s experience of the book’s physical capabilities.


About the author and illustrators

Hanne Kvist writes books for children and adults. In her books she writes about relationships between people and between people and animals. She orbits around topics like loneliness and about being outside the community and she often speaks with the voice of the smallest one. She is incredible skilled at capturing an atmosphere, a feeling and mediating it.

Hanne Bartholin travels around the worlds and holds lectures and workshops for children and adults. She has been awarded the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Award: Author of the Year 2015 (China/Shanghai) and The Plaque of the BIB 2017 (Bratislava). In 2001 Hanne Bartholin received the Danish Cultural Ministry’s prize for illustrations for "Finn Herman". Hanne Bartholin has also illustrated the charming stories about the elephant "Carl" and his adventures.

Maria Lundén, born in Sweden in 1955, is a prize-winning graphic designer and a graduate of the Danish Design School. She primarily works on children’s books and often collaborates with illustrators. For Little Nø and Smallest Mo, Lundén served as designer, colourist, and illustrator, working in close collaboration with Hanne Bartholin, whose black-and-white drawings form the foundation.