Children & Young Adults

Photo: Kajsa Gullberg & Signe Parkins


The Flower That Loves Me
(Blomsten der elsker mig)
Published 2019, 32 pages



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Corea, Sweden

Children & Young Adults

The Flower That Loves Me

They live between the lanes on a doublecarriage highway. Cars whizz past on both sides. An odd couple they are; a flower that talks and a plant that gets fed up. The plant rips up its roots and sets off to see the big wide world. A poetic and witty story about seeing the world – and finding your way home again.


About the author and illustrator

Hanne Kvist (b. 1961) writes books for children and adults, focussing on topics such as loneliness and living on the fringe. Her picture book To af alting (Two of Everything) was nominated for The Nordic Council’s Children & Young Adult’s Literature Prize in 2013.

Signe Parkins (b. 1979) is an illustrator, painter and cartoon artist. A Prize-winning author who has published a series of remarkable books that experiment with text and illustration.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen