Children & Young Adults

Photo: Lis Kasper


Published 2020, 100 pages


Forlaget Carlsen

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Babel Bridge, Tine Nielsen,

Children & Young Adults


What do you do when your voice sounds like that of a baby squirrel? And you are desperate, because everyone at school is teasing you? Well, you can do what the boy Sylvester did: write a letter and post it: „If somebody reads this, please come and help me!” And somebody comes. Somebody Kristiansen, in fact, a guy in a velvet suit on a moped, and he brings a golden catalogue along with him; a catalogue filled with lovely voices. Now Sylvester is given three chances to choose a voice that works for him. But none of the voices seem to fit, because the best voice is your own voice. And once Sylvester acknowledges this truth, he earns the respect of the other boys and girls – and himself. 

A moving and amusing story about finding your own voice.


About the author and illustrator 

Mini-Mouth is the first book by a new author duo: Thomas Korsgaard has published the critically acclaimed adult fiction novels En dag vil vi grine af det [One day we will laugh about this] (2018) and Hvis der skulle komme et menneske forbi [If someone should pop in] (2017), as well as the collection of short stories, Tyverier [Thievery] (2019). 

Frida Brygmann is a musician, actress and scriptwriter. Apart from being good friends, Thomas Korsgaard and Frida Brygmann share a love for tragic-comedy.

Text translated by Denise Rose Hansen