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Marie Curie: A Quest for Light
(Marie Curie; Et Lys i Mørket )
Published 2018, 136 pages



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Children & Young Adults

Marie Curie: A Quest for Light

Marie Curie’s life and research changed the world and paved the way for new opportunities for all women.

Her unique drive - against all odds - to understand Nature’s ways and laws led to ground-breaking discoveries, which revolutionised medical theory and practice. She was the first female Nobel Prize winner and, to date, the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two categories; first physics and later in chemistry.

This authorised biography has been endorsed by the Curie Estate and is in English, French and Spanish due to the impressive number of foreign ambassadors who are keen to see it published in their own countries.

The book is a wonderful work of passion and is a winning collaboration between the author Frances Andreasen Østerfelt, the internationally acclaimed Danish astrophysicist, Anja Cetti Andersen, and the talented Polish illustrator, Anna Blasczcwyk. Together they have made Curie’s fascinating story accessible to children and adults alike.


About the author 

Frances Andreasen Østerfelt is Dr.odont., an essayist and doll maker. Østerfelt has studied Marie Curie’s life and work for many years, which was the inspiration behind Marie Curie: A Quest for Light.

Østerfelt’s co-author is Anja C. Andersen - Professor of the newly founded chair of ’Public Understanding of Science’ and a researcher in cosmic dust. Anja has written an impressive volume of ’accessible’ essays on scientific and technical issues.

Anna Blaszczyk is a Polish illustrator and animator and has won a number of awards for her short film animations.

Text translated by Paul Larkin