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The Prison at the End of the World
(Fængslet ved Verdens Ende)
Published 2021, 292 pages


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Children & Young Adults

The Prison at the End of the World

The Prison at the End of the World is filled with action and historical adventure—a self-contained continuation of Erik Barfoed’s Fangeskibet (The Prison Ship). Erik Barfoed’s special talent is writing catchy, entertaining stories illustrated with beautiful visual details for young readers.

Shipwrecked, Tom reaches the shore of Australia believing that his best friend Becky has died. He mourns her loss at the same time that he struggles alongside Wendy to survive in the bush where they also meet Aboriginal Australians.

Becky survives the shipwreck and winds up in prison. She also believes that she has lost her best friend. A dramatic story about survival, growth, and dreams emerges—it’s a book about living life dangerously and daring to fight for what you believe in.

About the author

Erik Barfoed, born 1969, was trained in classical philology. He debuted in 2004 with the children’s book August går i Glemmebogen (August walks into the Book of Oblivion). He has since published other books, including Bræk (Vomit, 2011), and, most recently, The Prison Ship (2020) and The Prison at the End of the World.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes