Children & Young Adults

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Published 2018, 60 pages


Jensen & Dalgaard

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Children & Young Adults


Lost is a book about being a child. A child suddenly lost in a strange and threatening world. A world of gnomes and trolls who have severe opinions about how we humans live our lives. The main characters are Laust and Lea, two children going to their grandmother’s cottage in the woods. On the way, Laust goes astray because he fails to pay his respects to an ancient magic stone. The stone and Laust have a conversation about growing up, love and respect for the world he, as a human being, inhabits. Laust shares his food with the stone as their discussion unfolds and, in return, the stone helps him to get back on track. Laust is reunited with his sister and they can complete their journey.

The background to this tale is the beautiful and evocative folklore on the island of Bornholm, where the author was raised and has lived most of his life. A folklore that on this island - in contrast to folktales from the rest of Denmark – still thrives as a part of every day life.


About the author 

Dennis Gade Kofod (b. 1976) has a popular and distinctive literary style that mixes the magic of folklore with the realism of the modern world and its literature. He has published 15 books and written drama for both adults and children.

Lost is illustrator Aske Schmidt Rose’s (b. 1987) debut book and his work is inspired by his love of folktales and beings that dwell in the underworld. He studied at ‘The Animation Workshop ’in Viborg as one of the first generation of authors and artists specifically trained in the graphic novel genre.

Text translated by Paul Larkin