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Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull


The Karana Galaxy Trilogy
Published 2018-2019, 240, 288, 438 pages


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Children & Young Adults

The Karana Galaxy Trilogy

Cecilie Eken celebrated her twenty-five year anniversary as an author with the publication of The Karana Galaxy - Log I, an intelligent and well-written vision of the future in a galaxy with planets and societies similar to earth’s, but also with advanced biotechnology and space travel. Union is the title of the last piece of the story about The Karana Galaxy. Here a choir of voices comes together to tell a tale about strength and helplessness, faith and mistrust, humanity and inhumanity, power struggles, and love against all odds.

The Karana Galaxy, Log I: Strength was nominated for The Nordic Council Children and Young Adult’s Literature Prize 2019. For readers who love Star Wars and The Raven Rings.


About the author 

Cecilie Eken (b. 1970) made her debut at the age of twenty-three and has written a long series of books for children and young adults, including award-winning works like Sikka’s Story and The Black Sapphire. She has been awarded the Ministry of Culture’s Children’s Book Prize for the picture book Darkness Child (2007) as well as the Danish School Librarians’ Children’s Book Prize and the Danish Academy’s Silas Prize for her oeuvre as a whole.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen