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Night Bloom
Published 2021, 208 pages


Gutkind Forlag

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Belgium, Norway, Faroe Islands

Children & Young Adults

Night Bloom

Mia has moved to a new town with her mother, little brother, and her stepfather Jan. She has a new house and a new school—she hates it all and just wants to go back to her old life where her father and her dog Matti were regulars in her everyday.

One evening she takes off after an argument and hides in the abandoned garden of the house across the street. As it turns out, it’s not entirely abandoned. The magical tree in the garden is not the only one to guard secrets. Mia has also done something she would like to conceal.

Night Bloom is a story about loneliness, loss, and friendship as well as about our relationship to nature of which we ourselves are a part. It is a freestanding continuation of the novel Silver Bloom.

About the author 

Cecilie Eken, b. 1970, has been writing fairytale-esque and poetic works for young readers since 1993. She is the recipient of, among other awards, the Ministry of Culture’s Children’s Book Prize (twice), the School Library Children’s Book Prize, and the Danish Academy’s Silas Prize. Notably, her novel Strength (Styrke) was nominated for the 2019 Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes