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Dream Bicycles and Football Dogs (Drømmecykler og
fodboldhunde). Published 2019, 32 pages


Vild Maskine

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Children & Young Adults

Dream Bicycles and Football Dogs

Dream Bicycles And Football Dogs is a wonderful and imaginative collection of poems for children of all ages by Carsten René Nielsen, beautifully illustrated by Mette Marcussen. Nielsen has included a series of exercises on the poems, for teachers and writing enthusiasts alike. Having published 10 collections of poetry for adults, this collection is Nielsen’s first book specifically written for children.


About the author 

Carsten René Nielsen (b. 1966) has published 10 critically acclaimed poetry collections and was the first poet to receive the Michael Strunge Poetry Prize in 1989. His poems have been translated into American and Italian. 

Mette Marcussen (b. 1970) graduated from the Danish Design Academy in 1998. Together with author Martin Glaz Serup her illustrations were Nominated for the Danish Ministry of Culture’s Children’s Prize in 2018.

Text translated by Lin Falk van Rooyen