Children & Young Adults

Photo: Thomas Sjørup


If Cilla Could See Me Now 
(Hvis Cilla kunne se mig nu)
Published 2019, 140 pages


Høst & Søn

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Jenny Thor, Gyldendal,

Children & Young Adults

If Cilla Could See Me Now

In If Cilla Could See Me Now, fourteen-year-old Solvej has lost her big sister Cilla. This novel explores grief, an unthinkable family tragedy, and the first glimmerings of light in an otherwise never- ending tunnel of darkness. Her sister’s death is a painful issue nobody in the family wants to discuss, but when Cilla’s boyfriend suddenly turns up after two years travelling overseas, Solvej and her family are forced to confront their loss. The family’s summer holiday in Sweden stirs up memories, thoughts and emotions – and enables them to engage with new people once again.

“After Cilla died I lost my sense of direction. After Cilla died I went down a totally wrong path. I had to rewind time. Find the point when I last heard my own voice. Pick up again from the point where I just gave up.”
- From the book


About the author 

Anita Krumbach (b. 1967) is fascinated by relationships and the psychological interactions that constantly occur between people. Several of her books explore childhood loneliness and grief, and her interest in quirky people and their lives is a major feature in her work. Anita Krumbach debuted in 2009 with the short novel A Strange Ship, for which she was awarded the Ministry of Culture’s Book Prize. Krumbach trained as a teacher and also studied at the Writers’ School for Children’s Literature and the Danish Design School. Most recently she has written a novel for adults, Assigned Seats (2015), and the picture book The Pinch Machine (2017).

Text translated by Paul Larkin