Children & Young Adults

Photo: Mette Kramer Kristensen


The Great Tonni2Ton
(Den store Tonni2Ton)
Published 2021, 144 pages



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Children & Young Adults

The Great Tonni2Ton

Adam O.’s stories have something to say, and they speak to both children and adults. They have speed, action, humor, deep feeling and ethical dilemmas. So it is with The Great Tonni2Ton, a collection of three fantastic picture books about the spunky little heroine Ingeborg—a modern Pippi-character. The book is a salute to the child’s imagination and invisible friends in their many forms. Here we have both a massive troll—Tonni2Ton—and a dragon so small, and green and light that it fits in a cigar box. The illustrated pages are beautifully varied and in Adam O.’s signature style—with many excellent details and angles. Perfect for reading aloud.

About the author

The prize-winning Adam O., born 1976, debuted in 2011with the comic book Ruiner, published by Fahrenheit. His Tonni2Ton (2016) was soon followed in 2017 by Tonni2Ton & The Hunt for Hugtanja.

Adam O. was nominated for the Nordic Council Literature Prize in children’s and young adult literature for Den Rustne Verden (The Rusty World), and he is also the in-house illustrator for the homeless newspaper Hus Forbi.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes