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GRO: The Unusual Girl
Published 2021, 160 pages



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Children & Young Adults

GRO: The Unusual Girl

The award-winning writer Adam O. returns with a spell-binding novel, Gro: The Unusual Girl, about a young heroine navigating a world under threat.

Gro is forced to leave home and venture into the unknown to save our stories from disappearing. Throughout her journey, she is manipulated, deceived and her life is threatened, but she also encounters helpers along the way; people who are ready to risk their own lives to serve the greater good, and who know that the girl with the misshapen face holds the key to our future stories.

Inspired by classics such as Michael Ende’s Momo, Adam O. spins a truly magical tale.

Illustrated with linoleum prints by Adam O.

About the author 

Adam O., b. 1976, debuted in 2011 with the graphic novel Ruins (Ruiner) and has written a strong list of self-illustrated children’s titles. In 2019, Adam O. published the first volume of his popular children’s book trilogy THE RUSTY WORLD (DEN RUSTNE VERDEN)—The Escape from Denmark (Flugten fra Danmark), Motor-heart (Motorhjerte) and Weeds (Ukrudt)for which he was awarded the Ministry of Culture’s Children’s Book Prize in 2020.

Text translated by Sharon Rhodes and Paul Russell Garrett