Prizes for trailblazing books by two Danish journalists

Puk Damsgård tells the dramatic story of Danish freelance photographer Daniel Rye, who was held hostage for thirteen months in Syria by ISIS.

Damsgård was recently awarded the Cavlingprisen – the most prestigious award in Danish journalism and equivalent to the Pulitzer – for Do you see the Moon, Daniel as well as for her work as a Middle East correspondent for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation. Damsgård worked with Rye, his family and others to put together the moving and shocking story of the young photographer’s kidnapping and incarceration.

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Jacob Sheikh was awarded the Berlingske Foundation’s Journalists’ Prize for his book Danmarks børn i hellig krig (Denmark’s Children in Holy War), about radicalised young Danes who travel to Syria to fight as jihadis. Sheikh went to great lengths to talk to people who have gone to Syria to fight, and to explore radicalisation back home in Denmark, in what are otherwise closed milieux. He has a unique ability to describe the reality of human lives and individual experiences in ghettos or parallel societies, showing the reality behind mere statistics.

Article from December 2015 by Jakob Sheikh in "The New Statesman" on how Islamic State recruits Westernes

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