Glowing reviews for Kim Leine in the UK and Jens Christian Grøndahl in France

British newspapers have dubbed Kim Leine’s The Prophets of Eternal Fjord (Profeterne i Evighedsfjorden) “superb”, and named it one of the best books of the year.

“Scandinavia’s latest literary star is here with a superb novel set in 18th-century Greenland,” wrote The Sunday Times about Kim Leine’s The Prophets of Eternal Fjord, which has just been published in the UK. The reviewer even went so far as to call it one of the best books of the year. 

The Guardian’s reviewer was equally enthusiastic about the novel, which depicts the turbulent life of a Danish priest of the cloth in late-18th-century Greenland. The headline read: “Utterly unpredictable to the very last page”.

The book was also hailed far and wide upon publication in Denmark in 2012, and Leine has been awarded both the Nordic Council Literature Prize and the Danish Booksellers’ Golden Laurel.

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Read the review in the Guardian 

The French are also excited about Danish literature at the moment. In January, Gallimard in France published The Iron Gate by Jens Christian Grøndahl, who has long been one of Denmark’s most widely translated authors. The book garnered massive amounts of publicity, including a multi-page interview in Libération. The Iron Gate includes many of the elements that have so enthralled Grøndahl’s hordes of readers. It is an empathetic portrait of human fate that offers a glimpse of the basic existential condition, of pain and loss but also hope – experiences we all have in common.

Grøndahl and Leine have both been the recipients of multiple awards in Denmark. In 2007, Grøndahl was also awarded the prestigious Prix Jean Monnet de Littérature Européenne.

Read the interview in Libération 

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