Danish Art Foundation

International residency host programme for performing arts in Denmark

Residency programmes in Denmark running over a four-season period from 2018/2019 ending 2021/2022.


Who may apply?

Professional organizations active within the performing arts in Denmark, who have the necessary administration and resources to manage an international residency programme. Individual artists or smaller companies are also eligible to apply and are encouraged to do so, but must be part of a consortium that includes a professional organization as described above. In the case of a joint application, please indicate the organizer/coordinator in charge of the overall coordination of the residency programme.

Purpose of the program

The main purpose of the residency programme is to develop the Danish art scene by supporting research and knowledge exchange between the Danish and the international performing arts scene.

In addition to this, the Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding encourages the inclusion of cross-sectoral partnerships, meaning partnerships between artistic and non-artistic domains, e.g. art & technology, art & science and art & the social sector. The Committee believes that seeking out new non-artistic platforms will develop and expand the field of performing arts. The cross-sectoral partnerships must have a clear focus on research of an artistic character.

The fund targets non-production oriented programmes in order to support the development of new and innovative practices in performing arts. This does not imply that the residencies cannot lead to productions, but the main focus of the residencies must be of a research character.

2-4 residency programmes across the country will be funded.

The residency programme can invite both Danish and international professionals.

Further reading: The Development Platform for Performing Arts (established by the Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding and Bikubenfonden) has made a report with recommendations for the host programme. You can find it here.

The programme must be co-financed substantially by the host and partners.

Important: The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding has created a special preliminary fund, eligible to applicants of the residency host programme. The preliminary fund will provide financial aid to research work connected to the application, e.g. research travel and identification and mapping of possible external partners.

You can apply the preliminary fund here

NB: Applicants of the residency host programme are not obliged to apply for the preliminary fund.  

How your application will be evaluated?

In considering your application, emphasis is placed on:

  • programmes that facilitate the development of high artistic quality with a cross-sectoral character and strong and original artistic vision
  • the strategic view on the development potential of the programme, e.g.:
  1. how the programme reaches out to other disciplines and other fields, both artistic and non-artistic
  2. how the programme focuses on making time and space / environments available for experiments, research and development and knowledge sharing
  3. how the programme will impact individual artistic careers
  4. how the programme will facilitate partnerships nationally and internationally
  5. how the programme interacts with the local community
  • the long-term vision and continuity of the programme, demonstrating the legacy of the residencies beyond the funding period
  • the selection procedure of residents
  • the strategic view on how the specific programme positions itself in relation to other pre-existing Danish and international residency programmes
  • the strategic view on how the programme will be documented and evaluated (including feedback to artist and feedback to residency host)
  • economic factors:
  1. the economic sustainability of the program (e.g. transparency of the budget, economic partnerships)
  2. the balance between overhead costs and funding that benefits the resident directly
  3. resources offered by the host (e.g. accommodation, access to studio facilities, assistance with documentation, communication and PR)     
  • a vision on how to reduce the ecological impact of the residency programme 

Who will evaluate your application?

The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding will evaluate your application. The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding reserves the right to balance grant decisions in terms of:

  • diversity in types of residencies
  • genre diversity
  • geographical diversity

Details of previous grant awards to the applicant, in 3-year retrospect, from Danish Arts Foundation (from 2014 onwards) or from the Danish Arts Council (before 2014), will form part of the assessment of the application.

How much you may apply for?

Residency host applicants can apply for a maximum of DKK 300.000 per year for up to four years.

What the application must contain?

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the electronic application form and have the necessary information and documents ready before you begin. The application must contain:

  • project description, maximum 3 pages

The following attachments must accompany the application:

  • a budget for the residency programme
  • CV for the person in charge of the residency programme
  • a short description of eventual partnerships and a letter of intent from all partners both national and international
  • a reflection on how to document and evaluate the residency programme

 The application can be written in Danish or English.

Once you have submitted the application

When you have submitted your electronic application form, you will receive an automated email receipt with a copy of the application attached.

You will be notified of the Committee's decision within 8 weeks of date on which the application was submitted. During this eight week period, all applications are prepared for, distributed to and assessed by Committee members.

If one or more of the Committee members declare themselves ineligible to assess the application due to a conflict of interest, this will be noted in the letter containing the decision, and The Danish Arts Foundation's Board of Directors will be notified.

When all elements appertaining to the application deadline have been processed, the full list of grant recipients is published at

Application form as PDF?

All applications to the Danish Arts Foundation must be submitted electronically via the online application form. However, many applicants find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the requirements in the online form before submitting any application. You can review a preview version of the form below. Please keep in mind, that the preview is for preparatory orientation only.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)

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