Danish Art Foundation

Danish Fellowship with Manchester International Festival, Manchester, UK.

Two Danish Fellows to work with the festival from spring/summer of 2018 until fall of 2019.


Who may apply?

Professionals active within the performing arts in Denmark, who have the necessary skills and the ambition to expand their capabilities in working internationally, learning and to bring back knowledge to The Danish performing Arts community in an active way. 

Furthermore the applicant must have a strongly motivated and specific interest in one or more of the following areas:

  • Curating and artistic development
    To shadow the artistic developent of a highlight commission for the Festival alongside supporting the Artistic Team at MIF in their curation of the programmes for MIP and the new state of the art production space, The Factory
  • Creative producing                                                                                                                    To be part of the production team that develop the highlight commissions for the Festival with an attachment to a major commission for the duration of the placement
  • Creative Engagement (Audience development)                                                                        To work with MIF's Creative Engagement Team as part of its community led and designed programme of activity

Purpose of the program

The main purpose of the fellowship with Manchester International Festival is to develop the Danish art scene by constantly working with highly qualified international partners that can be a part of bringing valuable knowledge in various fields back to the performing arts community in Denmark. It is also anticipated that the programme will help build opportunities for international cultural exchange between Denmark and the UK.

The focus of the Fellowship is to 

  • Establish long term relations between Manchester International Festival and other UK partners and the Danish Performing Arts Community
  • Stimulate new and relevant opportunities for future collaborations ie. co-productions
  • Expand the knowledge and skills in the fields of Curation and Artistic Development, Creative Producing and Creative  Engagement 
  • Stimulate new activities in the field of working with local communities and new audiences
  • To facilitate a meaningful exchange of knowledge between Denmark and the UK within the Performing arts 

In addition to this, the aim of the programme is to support research and knowledge exchange and establish networks between the Danish and the international performing arts scene in general.

About the program 

The program has been established in partnership between Manchester International Festival and The Danish Arts foundation, Committee for Performing Arts. Further partners in the programme are Arts Council Uk, Manchester and The Danish embassy in UK. 

The fellows must be able to engage in the program for a minimum of 6-8 weeks in the period of summer  2018 to August 1st 2019. The amount of weeks may conveniently be split up in several stays according to agreement with Manchester International Festival. An orientation trip in the spring of 2018 will be necessary in order to plan the actual fellowship.

The final program will be planned according to mutual agreement between the fellow and Manchester International Festival, once the two Danish fellows have been appointed.

The profiles of the applicants may fall within the fields of project management within the performing arts (or other related fields) festival directors, creative producers, director of a venue, curator of a festival or at a venue or in general with a strong interest and ambition around enhancing new cross-disciplinary works and connecting these works with new audiences.

2 fellowships will be funded by The Danish Arts Foundation, and will be supported by Manchester International festival.

The program will also have a component of an active dialogue with other relevant institutions in Manchester and London. These visits and connections will be established in partnership with Arts Council UK, Manchester and the Danish Embassy in London.


- If the applicant is employed partly or in a full time position in an institution or other, the institution must agree to the applicant spending time on participating in the program.

- Applicants are eligible to include an application for a grant covering a reasonable honorarium in connection to participating in the program. This will be evaluated in relation to the type of employment that the applicant may have at the time of engaging in the program.

Read more about the festival

Manchester International Festival

How your application will be evaluated?

In considering your application, emphasis is placed on:

Ability to engage in international work and to adapt in an international work environment  

Skills in planning, producing and developing creative work 

Knowledge sharing and capability of focusing on constructive takeaways

Motivation on enrolling in a working and learning experience

Level of ambition in relation to working internationally

A relevant and precise description of what the candidate will offer to the programme 

A relevant  list of purposes that the candidate hope to gain from the program 

Furthermore the applicant, if granted the opportunity to enroll in the program is required to engage in a constructive dialogue with The Development Platform for the performing Arts with the purpose of finding constructive ways to share the obtained knowledge. (

Who will evaluate your application?

The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding will evaluate your application in close collaboration with the executive team at Manchester International Festival. The Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding reserves the right to balance its decisions in terms of:

• diversity in field of work

• geographical diversity

Details of previous grant awards to the applicant, in 3-year retrospect, from Danish Arts Foundation (from 2014 onwards) or from the Danish Arts Council (before 2014), will form part of the assessment of the application

How much you may apply for?

The fellows will receive a grant of up to 75.000  DKK per fellow towards airfares, accommodation, local transportation, insurance, meals and a reasonable honorarium (for eligible candidates) The exact amount depends on the amount of weeks, ways of accommodation etc.

What the application must contain?

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the electronic application form and have the necessary information and documents ready before you begin. The application must contain:

Motivational description of participation in the fellowship, maximum 2 pages, including a motivated application, in brief explaining the applicant’s financial situation in relation to engaging in the fellowship

CV with photo

The application must be written in English.

Once you have submitted the application

When you have submitted your electronic application form, you will receive an automated email receipt with a copy of the application attached. 

You will be notified of the Committee's decision within 8 weeks of date on which the application was submitted. During this eight week period, all applications are prepared for, distributed to and assessed by Committee members. 

If one or more of the Committee members declare themselves ineligible to assess the application due to a conflict of interest, this will be noted in the letter containing the decision, and The Danish Arts Foundation's Board of Directors will be notified. 

When all elements appertaining to the application deadline have been processed, the full list of grant recipients is published at 

Application form as PDF?

All applications to the Danish Arts Foundation must be submitted electronically via the online application form. However, many applicants find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the requirements in the online form before submitting any application. You can review a preview version of the form below. Please keep in mind, that the preview is for preparatory orientation only.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)

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