Danish Art Foundation

Funds available to Danish embassies and institutes

Grants for Danish embassies and institutes that sponsor events related to international cultural exchange.


Who may apply?

Danish embassies abroad and the Danish Institutes at Athens and Damascus. Consulates General may apply through the embassy in their work country.

Purpose of the program

Disposable funds are available to provide basic funding to initiate and hold events related to Denmark’s international cultural exchange. For more comprehensive projects, funding should be sought from the Collaborative Agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture with respect to Denmark’s international cultural exchange.
It is a requirement that the disposable funds be used for activities that are open to the public.

How your application will be evaluated?

In an assessment of the application, emphasis will be placed on supporting applications in which there is a plan of action that:

  • includes collaboration with important local actors
  • has as its purpose to increase familiarity with Danish art and culture
  • expands the network between Danish and foreign collaborative partners through the international cultural exchange.

In the distribution of disposable funds for 2015, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture will put weight on applications that reflect the International Cultural Panel’s action plan.

Cross-disciplinary themes:

  • Sustainability
  • Children/young people
  • Dialogue, democracy and participation

Geographic focus areas:

  • BRICS countries – defined as Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa
  • The Middle East – divided into 3 areas: the Levant, North Africa, and the Gulf.

Support will not be provided for:

  • Operations
  • Conference,  course and/or educational activities
  • Amateur and sports activities
  • Closed events.

Who will evaluate your application?

A steering committee under a collaboration agreement between the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Danish Ministry of Culture assesses the applications submitted.

What the application must contain?

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the application form and have the necessary information and documentation ready before you begin.

The following special information must be provided in the form:

  • Plan of action (short)
  • Payment reference

The following attachments must be provided with the application:

  • Plan of action (long)
  • Budget (long)

Any additional materials will not be included in an assessment of the application.
Applications that do not contain the required information will not be considered.

Once you have submitted the application

When you have submitted your electronic application, you will receive a receipt by e-mail.

You will be informed of the steering committee’s decision within 12 weeks after the application deadline.
If application has been approved, please read “When Awarded a Grant”

Application form as PDF?

All applications to the Danish Arts Foundation must be submitted electronically via the online application form. However, many applicants find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the requirements in the online form before submitting any application. You can review a preview version of the form below. Please keep in mind, that the preview is for preparatory orientation only.

Click here to preview the online application form (NB the form cannot be filled in)


If you have questions about this particular grant contact:

  • Bodil Torreck

    3374 4553

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