International Visitors Programmes and Networking Activities

Deadline: 01.10.2021, 11:59 PM

Funding for international visitors programmes and networking activities for music professionals from Denmark and abroad.

Det er ikke desværre ikke muligt at ansøge på mobilen med vores nuværende løsning.

NOTE: For collaborations with non-Danish partners, the Danish partner must submit the application via the Danish application guide.

Please note that you can submit your application until 23:59 on the closing date, but we recommend that you submit earlier. The application form is available at least one month before the deadline.


Who may apply?

  • Professionals organising or working with music activities.

For collaborations with non-Danish partners, the Danish partner must submit the application via the Danish application guide.

Who may not apply?

Students who have not yet completed their education at a Danish or international academy of music.

You cannot receive funding for:

  • Education and training courses for individuals
  • Activities that are primarily concert tours. For those activities, we refer to the Danish genre organisations’ funding programmes for international concert activities.

Purpose of the program

The Danish Arts Foundation works to promote the music scene in Denmark and Danish music internationally.

The purpose of this programme is to promote and develop Danish music of high artistic quality by:

  • providing the possibility for international music professionals to become acquainted with the Danish music scene.
  • improving the network and dialogue between the Danish and the international music scene through visits and residencies.

How your application will be evaluated?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Project Funding evaluates the incoming applications.

The applications are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • High artistic quality
  • That the activity will promote and improve networking internationally for Danish music professionals.
  • That a detailed programme for the project’s activities is attached.
  • That documentation of activities during the visit is attached, for example in form of an email correspondence.
  • That the activity will facilitate specific collaborations between the Danish and the international music scene.
  • That the activity will raise international music professionals’ awareness of the Danish music scene.

For the evaluation of artistic quality, the committee will consider:

  • Mastery of form and expression
  • Originality and innovation
  • Vision and ambition

When evaluating the applications, the committee reserves the right to consider a spread in terms of geography and genres as well as giving preference to a focus on children and young people.

The committee may decide to grant the application partially and/or award a smaller amount than applied for, based on an overall assessment of the application. The committee evaluates your application in consideration of all the other applications and the total amount available for funding while also aiming to spread the support for the arts.

If you have applied for grants from the Danish Arts Foundation within the past three years, this information will be considered in the evaluation of your application.

Please note that the activity must not be initiated before the application deadline has passed.

What must the application contain

The Danish partner is responsible for submitting the application. Applications can only be submitted via the Danish application form.

Go to the Danish application guide.

The following information must be entered in the application form:

  • Short summary of the project description, including a description of the international activity (max. 500 characters).
  • Links to relevant information about, for example, a festival or partners. It is the applicant’s responsibility that the links are working.

You must attach the following:

  • Appendix 1: A standard template including:
    • A detailed project description and a programme for the activities/visit
    • Short CV
    • Budget and a specification of the activities
  • Appendix 2: Documentation of the agreement with the international partner and/or an invitation

Who will evaluate your application?

The Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Music Project Funding processes the applications and makes the final decision concerning the distribution of the committee’s funds.