Danish Arts Foundation

On January 1st 2014 the Danish Arts Council and the Danish Arts Foundation merged to form one new body, to be known as the Danish Arts Foundation.

The prime aim of the new Danish Arts Foundation is to promote the arts in Denmark and Danish art abroad.  The new Danish Arts Foundation consists of twelve specialist committees and a coordinating board of directors.

It is up to the Foundation’s new specialist committees to decide which funding schemes should be set up and when funding should be awarded.

Funding of international projects is administered by the following six committees:

  • Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding
  • Committee for Literary Project Funding
  • Committee for Music Project Funding
  • Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding
  • Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding
  • Committee for Architecture Grants and Project Funding

For a full list of funding schemes see here.

The other six committees within the Danish Arts Foundation deal solely with the allocation of working grants to Danish artists.

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