Theatres and Venues

The Royal Danish Theatre
The Royal Danish Theatre is the national theatre of Denmark and houses the Royal Danish Opera, the Royal Danish Ballet, The Royal Danish Orchestra as well as the Theatre itself.

Asterions Hus
Theatre in Copenhagen who make productions for both children and adults.

Albertslund Music Theatre (Albertslund Musikteater)
Receiving theatre for larger scale productions of non commercial theatre, dance and music. It has provided a stage for KIT’s international festivals and also hosts independent Danish and international productions.

Venue for contemporary dance, hosting Danish guest performances.

Betty Nansen Teatret 
Productions associated with widely renowned playwrights of the day- from Denmark and abroad. The nearby annex Edison focus on integration projects, including C:NTACT, which offers workshops and productions  primarily aimed at young audiences with both Danish and foreign backgrounds.

Theatre for contemporary drama in Copenhagen, it has often been presenting new international plays. Moreover its cabaret stage. CaféTeatret is participating in a number of international collaborations.

Copenhagen Music Theatre (Københavns Musikteater)
The theatre produces work itself and commissions new work from Danish composers and artists as well as hosting small scale international guest performances.

The theatre is an open venue for independent dance productions including international guest productions, festivals and the theatre’s own productions – including a well-run guest choreographer program.

Bora Bora
Stage for modern, experimental performance/dance/drama and has a network connecting it with both the professional as well as the grass roots theatre. Bora Bora also hosts the Laboratory project with Danish and international directors, performers and playwright. 

The theatre is mounting its own productions, including the hugely popular musicals "Les Misérables" and "Miss Saigon".

Granhøj Dans
Internationally acknowledged dance company based in Århus and run by the director and choreographer Pelle Granhøj

Kulturhus Aarhus
A centre of production, presentation and management, with access to several stages including Ridehuset.  Kulturhus also initiates programmes itself within the performing arts and is the organiser of events.

Odin Teatret
The theatre has linked research and theatre together in the Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium. The theatre regularly invites international experimental companies, and also organises international workshops and festivals.

Husets Teater
The theatre’s original productions primarily experiment with new forms of expression and idioms of stagecraft

Svalegangen produces its own work with emphasis on contemporary Danish and international (Anglo-American) drama. However, it is also available for visiting productions.

Teaterhuset i Magstræde
This complex of four theatres is the home of five companies as well as providing open stages for touring productions.

Teatret ved Sorte Hest
Focusing primarily on new Danish and international drama, though with room for the classical drama.

Åben Dans
Based in Roskilde and focuses on two annual performances. On local and one international. Organizer of the international festival SWOP.

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