The centre for modern dance is an independent institution supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture. Dansehallerne gathers all the main players and areas in the field of contemporary dance, and provides coaching, training and counselling for professional dancers and choreographers.

Danish ITI (Dansk ITI)
The national branch of UNESCO’s ITI – in collaboration with the Danish Theatre Union. Information centre and an umbrella organisation for the Danish performing arts.

KIT - Copenhagen International Theatre (Københavns Internationale Teater)
KIT presents primarily original works, the experimental and unknown, performances of cross-over and mixed media, uses theatre and unconventional spaces, connects to ‘other’ cultures, including non-European cultures.

Theatre Centre in Denmark (Teatercentrum)
Provides information about theatres that host and present performances for children and young people including children’s theatre festivals, seminars and conferences.

The national branch of UNESCO’s international organization for children's and youth theatre. The organization initiates, organises and participates in various bi- and multilateral exchange projects.

UNIMA Denmark (Union Internationale de la Marionnette)
An NGO affiliated to UNESCO with the objective of promoting the art of puppetry. Organises congresses, conferences, festivals.

Artist's Organisations

Council of Danish Artists (Dansk Kunstnerråd)
A representative association for some 24 member organisations and unions covering the arts sector as such. It collaborates with other Nordic councils and also houses the secretariat of The European Council of Artists (ECA).

DAF - The Danish Artists Association (Dansk Artist Forbund )
The professional voice for artists engaged in circus, variety, revue and also music.

DDF - Association of Danish Dramatists (Danske Dramatikere)
The professional voice for dramatists working in theatre TV, radio and film as well as translators.

DSF - The Danish Actors Association (Dansk Skuespiller Forbund)
The Danish trade union for actors, opera singers, dancers, and choreographers. DSF also helps foreign artists organized into associations that are members of FIA (Fédération Internationale des Acteurs)

FDS - Association of Danish Theatre Directors (Foreningen af Danske Sceneinstruktører) The professional body for stage directors and a forum for both professional development and cultural and political engagement.

Independent Choreographers (Foreningen Frie Koreografer)
An association of freelance choreographers with the aim to strengthen the position of modern dance within Danish cultural sector.

Independent Stage Artists  (Uafhængige Scenekunstnere)
An organization for independent performance makers, which promotes and facilitates independent and innovative stage art in Denmark.

SDS – Association of Danish Scenographers (Sammenslutningen af Danske Scenografer)
A trade union for enhancing professional and artistic interests of scenographers, lighting designers, costume designers and other professionals within the field.

The Council for Contemporary Dance in Denmark (Brancherådet for scenedans i Danmark)

A representative association for Danish theatres.


Nordic Organisations

NOFOD - Nordic Forum for Dance Research
A non-profit organization that promotes collaboration between dance scholars and practitioners in order to enhance and empower diverse forms of dance research, knowledge and practice especially in the Nordic context.

Nordic Culture Point (Kulturkontakt Nord)
The organisation is a Nordic meeting place and a Nordic cultural centre in Finland. Nordic Culture Point spreads knowledge of, and interest in, the Nordic region, and acts as secretariat for the Nordic Council of Ministers' two support programmes for culture; Culture and Art Programme and Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, as well as KreaNord

Network for the Nordic Performing Arts (former Nordisk Teaterunion)
Unites the performing arts organisations of the Nordic region.

Network for dance artists, educators, producers, etc. within the contemporary dance field in the Nordic/Baltic region.



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