Institutions and organisations

Genre Organisations

4 musical genre organisations in Denmark are supported by funds allocated by the Danish Arts Foundation. These organisations work to promote music within their respective genres through various activities and subsidies.

Danish Rock Council (ROSA)


SNYK (the Secretariat for Contemporary Music)


Institutions and Organisations

The Danish Arts Foundation provides operating subsidies to a number of other organisations and institutions:

Dacapo, a recording company in the classical field which is amongst other things responsible for establishing a national anthology of Danish music covering all areas of musical history.

Edition S, a state supported publishing house within the contemporary and experimental music field.
Edition S

Live Music in Schools, an association which organises school concerts all over the country, in collaboration with local authorities.
Live Music in Schools (LMS) 


The purpose of Music Export Denmark (MXD) is to promote and support Danish music exports and the international presentation of professional Danish pop and rock music, both commercially and culturally, by:

  • providing economic support for Danish music exports
  • organising initiatives and concerts
  • improving international familiarity with Danish music
  • collecting and processing information and know-how.

Music Export Denmark (MXD)

Operas and symphony orchestras

The Royal Danish Opera Danish name: Det Kongelige Teater - Operaen

The Danish National Opera  Danish name: Den Jyske Opera

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra: Danish name: DR SymfoniOrkestret

Copenhagen Phil  Danish name: Sjællands Symfoniorkester

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra

Odense Symphony Orchestra

Aalborg Symphony Orchestra

South Jutland Symphony Orchestra  Danish name: Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester

Music education

The Royal Danish Academy of Music Copenhagen  Danish name: Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium

Rhythmic Music Conservatory  Danish name: Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium

The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg  Danish name: Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium

The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts Southern Denmark  Danish name: Syddansk Musikkonservatorium & Skuespillerskole

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