World Book Day 2019 - Read Nordic

Today we celebrate World Book Day with a well-deserved focus on Nordic literature. Since 1995, books and copyright have been celebrated on 23 April, and the main purpose is to strengthen the love of reading in children and young adults.

We celebrate World Book Day and the love of Nordic Literature. Here is a selection of three Danish books translated into Nordic languages.
We celebrate World Book Day and the love of Nordic Literature. Here is a selection of three Danish books translated into Nordic languages.

Read Nordic

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we are especially focusing on Nordic literature. Read Nordic is a joint-Nordic project intended to encourage us to read more literature from our Nordic eighbours, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, or literature for children and young adults. During the last couple of weeks, each Nordic country has had the oportunity to select three books that they would like to share with other Nordic countries. Today Denmark concludes the campaign with three powerful Danish titles, and provide an overview of the other Nordic books.

Three Danish titles

Sabine Lemire, Rasmus Bregnhøi, The ‘Mira’ series (YA graphic novel)
The ‘Mira’ series is an honest portrayal of how hard it is to be a pre-teenager. Through the eyes of the protagonist, Mira, you experience the problems in a girl’s life as if you were there yourself: conflicts with friends, the question of whether you are old enough to have a boyfriend, and the embarrassing mother’s changing boyfriends. Publisher: Gyldendal, 2017-2019. Foreign rights: Gyldendal Group Agency

Helle Helle, If you want (fiction) 
Two lost runners run into each other in a large forest and circumstances force them to be together. They are cold, have blisters and have nothing to eat or drink. In short, they have hit rock bottom, are in the dark, hear disturbing noises in the forest, and there is nothing else to do than be present and live with the chance meeting. Publisher: Samleren, 2014. Foregin rights: Rogers, Coleridge & White

Naja Marie Aidt, Carl’s Book (fiction)
Carl’s Book is a masterful literary attempt to write about the tragic death of Naja Marie Aidt’s 25-year-old son Carl. The book is a compilation of texts that appear like thoughts in a mind under intense emotional pressure; out of context, never fully complete, and often brutally cut off. Publisher: Gyldendal, 2017. Foreign rights: Rogers, Coleridge & White

See all the Nordic titles

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