New exhibition with the Danish Arts Foundation’s Jewellery Collection

Photo: Anders Sune Berg

For the first time, a Danish audience can now see an exhibition featuring 153 pieces of jewellery from the Danish Arts Foundation's Jewellery Collection. The jewellery is put on display in a brand-new custom-designed showcase designed by Søren Ulrik Petersen. The exhibition is shown at Designmuseum Danmark, 19 February through 16 August 2015.

Since 1978, the Danish Arts Foundation has purchased jewellery created by Denmark’s leading experimental jewellery artists, and this exhibition therefore presents some of the finest Danish jewellery from the past five decades.

The new exhibition is titled #153 – Selected pieces from the Danish Arts Foundation’s Jewellery Collection, and as indicated by the title, it features 153 pieces selected among the nearly 300 pieces that make up the collection. The exhibition was curated by Jorunn Veiteberg and Kim Buck.

A bespoke showcase for the jewellery collection

In 2013, the Danish Arts Foundation invited five Danish designers to take part in a competition to create a new exhibition showcase for the Danish Arts Foundation's Jewellery Collection. Søren Ulrik Petersen won the competition with his project ‘ICECUBES – stacks of jewellery, frozen in glass’. With this exhibition, the finished showcase makes its debut.

‘The project was initiated by our predecessors in the former Committee for Crafts and Design, and with this exhibition, we have the pleasure of seeing it through to its completion. We are, naturally, delighted to see the jewellery collection on display in its own, bespoke showcase, which is simultaneously compact and spacious. Hopefully, this presentation of the jewellery collection will be the first of many, and I am convinced that the exhibitions will help build more interest in Danish jewellery art, both in Denmark and around the world,’ says Niels Hvass, who chairs the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee for Crafts and Design Grants.

Made to be worn

A unique aspect of jewellery is that is made to be worn. Much of the jewellery in the Danish Arts Foundation’s collection is included in the loan scheme launched in 2007, where someone taking part in an official event can borrow a piece of jewellery for the occasion. In this way, the jewellery can be used and exposed, and just like the other works of art purchased by the Danish Arts Foundation, it can thus reach a public audience. The loan scheme continues on a slightly reduced scale while the exhibition is on display at Designmuseum Danmark.

Read more about the loan scheme and explore the full jewellery collection


#153 – Selected pieces from the Danish Arts Foundation’s Jewellery Collection

19 February - 16 August 2015

Designmuseum Danmark
Bredgade 68
1260 Copenhagen



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