New curator for Danish Crafts Collection

Pil Bredahl, curator for Danish Crafts Collection (CC18). Photo: Liselotte Risell

Designer Pil Bredahl will be in charge of putting together the next collection of new Danish craft and design for the Danish Crafts Collection, which has been marketed at international design and lifestyle fairs since 1999. In Pil Bredahl, the collection has a curator who has first-hand experience with both experimental and commercial design as well as a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable design.

The choice has fallen on designer Pil Bredahl to put together the new collection of craft and design for the Danish Crafts Collection (CC18), which has contributed to the innovative image of Danish craft and design with its annual presence in international design fairs.

The collection is put together by an external curator to ensure a high artistic and commercial level of quality – with an eye for both the individual participant and the overall story about Danish craft.

“Danish craft and design has a distinctly innovative approach to ideas, materials, form-giving and function. In this Danish Crafts Collection, I will be focusing on the special influence that craftsmanship and physical design can have on our lives and behaviour. I am interested in objects and products that contain something important – designs that contain elements beyond the purely aesthetic, and which may have a particular relevance in relation to society,” says Pil Bredahl

About Pil Bredahl

Pil Bredahl graduated as a product and furniture designer from The Danish Design School (now the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design) in 1997, and in 2013 she earned a master’s degree in design theory, also from Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, with a dissertation on commercial design and sustainability. 

Pil has worked in the experimental section of the design industry, including the design group “Kropsholder” in the late 1990s, and, more recently, with design as a tool for integration among women immigrants. Pil Bredahl is also a co-founder of the design group, which is involved in development projects based on fairtrade production in the third world. She has served on the board for Danish Designers since 2011, and the commercial part of her career includes a long-standing cooperation with several Danish design brands, including Muuto and Menu A/S, which has earned her a number of awards and honours.

Pil Bredahl was appointed by Danish Crafts in December 2013. In the future, curators will be appointed by the Danish Arts Foundation

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