Danish Crafts Collection shows new directions in Paris

The new Danish Crafts Collection is presented at Maison&Objet in Paris. Photo: Danish Crafts Collection / jeppegudmundsen.com

Natural materials from the Danish subsoil, textile recycling and new semi-industrial methods. The five designers selected for this year’s Danish Crafts Collection present a new future for craft, craftsmanship and smart consumption at Maison & Objet in Paris on 4-8 September 2015.

The Danish Arts Foundation presents the new Danish Crafts Collection, which premieres at the trade fair Maison & Objet in Paris. The Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding hand-picked five designer-makers who present their innovative ideas and contemporary agendas in the Danish Crafts Collection. This includes recycled materials in sophisticated contexts, innovation based on nature’s treasure trove of resources and endless inspiration, and production methods that indicate new viable future scenarios.

The Danish Arts Foundation’s new exhibition concept offers the audience a chance to get to know the craftspeople and their products better and to explore the individual makers’ work more in depth.

The selected craftspeople and designers

The five craftspeople and designers included in this year’s line-up are Amanda Betz, Jonas Edvard, Anne Tophøj, Martine Myrup and Laura Barüel – two furniture makers, a ceramist and two textile artists. The selected craftspeople and designers all have a shared interest in sustainable solutions, which is reflected, for example, in Jonas Edvard’s tables, which feature a tabletop made of the natural composite gesso, and by Martine Myrup, who upcycles used textiles and reinterprets ceramic vessels in textile materials.

Laura Barüel and Amanda Betz bring an artist’s eye to nature’s shapes. Laura Barüel presents oversize plants and flowers on textile, while Amanda Betz folds paper into new organic and pattern-rich expressions – in this case cylindrical brass lamps. Ceramist Anne Tophøj has developed new production methods that lie somewhere between artisanal techniques and serial production, bringing the unique hallmarks of craft into a semi-industrial set-up.

Craft and design is a field with an ongoing development of new methods and products. A shared quality for the five craftspeople and designers is their insistence on rethinking the agenda and show new directions for craft, craftsmanship and smart consumption.


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