Inside and Outside the White Cube. The Idea of Being Public

Marianne Wagner, curator for contemporary art at the LWL-Museum for Art and Culture in Munster and curator in the Curatorial Team of the Sculpture Projects 2017, tells about the organizational structure of the event and the role of the museum.

Map of Münster and the sculpture projects in 2007

In her lecture Marianne Wagner points at the great potential in creating a close link between an art institution and the production, dissemination and maintenance of art in public space. The art institution can offer professional resources and an organizational frame work at a far more advanced level than the municipalities.

Her key points are:

Sculpture Projects in Munster. Idea and Concept
- 10 year intervals, since 1977
-  three and a half month lasting exhibition
- (site)specific works, different media

Set-up and funding 
The Sculpture Projects are hosted and sponsored by Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL) and the City of Munster.

The principal sponsors are: German Federal Culture Foundation and the State of North Rhine – Westphalia
Further Sponsors are: Provincial (Insurance), Sparkasse (Bank), several foundations, companies and private persons

Long term commitment: The museum’s role
The museum can provide:
- institutional structures
- public – institutional
- the idea of a long-term study
- collection in external location
- archive

Questions regarding the museum
- new models of collecting and exhibiting?
- after-life of a site-specific sculpture?
- dynamic approach to site-specificity within the collection?
- museum in the “in-between” time?
- public space and institutional critique?
- change of museum architecture and institutional formats since the public space is used as a display?
- role of the archive?

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