Venice Biennale

The Venice Biennale is the oldest and largest biennale, making it one of the most prestigious international events in the contemporary art world today. Every second year the Venice Biennale attracts a large international art audience - with a record high number of visitors in 2015 of 501,000 visitors. The Biennale is open from May to November.

Padiglione Centrale, La Biennale di Venezia, 2010.

The Biennale’s main exhibition is curated by an international head curator, who draws up the overall theme of the Biennale and selects the artists participating in the main exhibition. The main exhibition takes place in the Biennale’s Central Pavilion and in the Arsenale, and old military complex. In 2017 the head curator of the Venice Biennale is the French art historian Christine Macel with the exhibition titled VIVA ARTE VIVA. In addition to the main exhibition, the Biennale is composed of a large number of national pavilions, which are located in and around the Giardini di Castello park.

Over the years the Venice Biennale has inspired an ever-growing number of art biennales of different scale worldwide. However, despite the increased competition, the Venice Biennale has managed to maintain its status as one of the most significant international events in the field of contemporary art. You can read more about the main exhibition and the various venues on the Biennale’s official website via the link on the right.

Danish Arts Foundation

The Danish Arts Foundation's Committee for Visual Arts Project Funding selects the artist or artists to represent Denmark at the Venice Biennale. The Committee is also responsible for financing the Danish Pavilion with a total grant of DKK 4.4 million, and for establishing the organisational framework and artistic policy of the event.

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