Egon Mathiesen

Aben Osvald – og andre fine historier ('Oswald, the Monkey Many More') 


p. 23

Fredrik has a city bus,
well, not exactly,
it’s Fredrik’s father’s,
it’s yellow with red seats
And has great big wheels.

p. 131

So, then, they have a great bigbeast
–  oh, no, I mean a great bigfeast
while the sun it’s going down,
and Oswald gets the biggest apple,
‘cuz thanks to Oswald the Big Ape’s nice
and never more says: UGH!

p. 172

Once upon a time there was a man
Who went off to see New Guinea land,
And there he found a lovely parrot.
He knew at once he had to have it,
He’d never seen such a pretty bird.
- And what do you think that parrot said?
Why, not a single word!

Translated by Russell Dees


Egon Mathiesen
Aben Osvald og andre historier / Oswald, The Monkey and Many more
Gyldendal 2011, 195 pp.

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Gyldendal Group Agency
Louise Langhoff
Phone: +45 33 75 55 12

Previous titles published in
Faroe Islands, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia, Sweden 

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